We believe that the interface of strategy and emotion is a place where successful projects are born. Immersion in every business, its mission and values is an integral part of the LUMO philosophy.
We develop a PR strategy based on the tasks and business goals of the brand, we implement it. We analyze the market, calculate risks, and come up with unique concepts.
We help people hear brand values. We use all kinds of digital media available on the market to ensure its effective presence in the mass-media.
We know the principles of working with influencers. We select relevant bloggers who are trusted by the brand's audience and conduct advertising campaigns.
We organize events of any scale and for any task. We come up with and control the event at all stages: from the development of the idea to the final implementation of the project. We pay attention to the details.
We develop identity, design and visual style for the project. We do them to be remembered and have the right effect on the target audience.